Book of the Week - 1

Latest tutorial: Book of the Week - 1

Build up a 3D scene for a dynamic show promo. Put Red Giant's Trapcode Particular to work to create a rain storm of letters in the scene. Extend the promo clip and give it more interest by editing together cuts from three different camera renders of the same scene.

Duration: 32 Minutes
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6 bjar
Saturday 01 October, 2011 00:01:33
haloo that is a goot web site
5 Krishan indora
Wednesday 28 September, 2011 08:47:09
nice tutorial i love it.... indora (india)
4 bjar
Saturday 24 September, 2011 12:15:32
3 dreamer
Monday 12 September, 2011 10:59:33
wow.. this is great again.. i love it...
2 Plamen
Friday 12 August, 2011 20:36:56
Thank you for tutorial Eran!
1 Alexander
Thursday 11 August, 2011 09:57:41
Awesome tutorial! Thanks!
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