Anything You Want 1

Latest tutorial: Anything You Want 1

From concept to creation: I'll shows you the steps of envisioning a witty and entertaining idea, drawing a storyboard, searching out the perfect footage on, and designing a final piece. This first installment of a two-part series is packed with tips such as masking, fake shadows and stabilizing.

Duration: 36 Minutes
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Circus Monkey
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6 ali atoui
Thursday 23 February, 2012 09:05:33
5 jb
Wednesday 27 July, 2011 05:40:05
Fabulous Work!
Wednesday 29 June, 2011 13:34:15
sir u & u r tutorial great thanks dear love & take care i am waiting u r next great tutorial Krishan indora india
3 Jitendra
Friday 17 June, 2011 13:18:39
Hi Iran stern You are great
2 Eran Stern
Friday 10 June, 2011 15:51:30

Agreed, I thought about this after I finished and almost started over just to add smoke and dust. Finally decided to leave it alone, knowing it will hunt me until the rest of days 

1 Bader Ahmed
Friday 10 June, 2011 15:11:42
Wow , Great Tutorial Eran as usual Is it possible to add some Dust or smoke along with the crack while it is revealing so it can add some realism. We can not wait to see Part 2. Thanks Again !
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