CC Blobbylize

Latest tutorial: CC Blobbylize

Get the most out of the CC Blobbylize effect. This tip was recorded for the Motionworks Effects A-Z series.

Duration: 13 Minutes
Viewed: 15882
TypeMonkey Script for After Effects
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Sternfx Comments
8 Eran Stern
Wednesday 21 November, 2012 14:08:09

Hi MIHAI, the tutorial is working now. Thanks.

Wednesday 21 November, 2012 09:10:51
Hi Eran. I've tryed to watch this tut and says:"Nothing foud here". Any ideea? Thank you!
6 steve
Thursday 15 December, 2011 00:14:40
Thanks again Eran, you rule!
5 muge samci
Saturday 02 July, 2011 15:37:29
hello eran , its a great tutorial i was also wondering if u can give a tutorial on thinkerball , i mean on wings i dont know how to animate the wings ? thanks a lot
4 Alexsanders
Sunday 22 May, 2011 17:13:09
Cool tutorial! Thanks!!
3 Ladozs Kadullu
Tuesday 03 May, 2011 09:47:45

Hi Eran, thanks for the quick response and the nice tip! In the meantime I tried to achieve a similar effect with the cc blobb.A circle on a precomposed solid, it looks a bit flat and not really magnifying, but has some nice refraction/reflections toward the outline.If you want,you can take a look here: Anyway, I´ve learned something new and that is your fault! Greetings LK

2 Eran Stern
Monday 02 May, 2011 22:32:33

Thanks, Have a look at this tutorial. Its in Hebrew but you'll be able to get an idea for creating a magnifying glass effect

1 Ladozs Kadullu
Monday 02 May, 2011 21:20:56
Hi Eran, once again, a very cool and useful tip of a neglected effect(at least by me). How would you create a magnifying glass? A circle or an "O"? Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! LK
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