Jump Parent

Latest tutorial: Jump Parent

Take full control of After Effects parenting system using regular and alternative parenting to build 3D cubical world. Learn how to jump the child layer to the parent’s position and discover essential keyboard shortcuts to improve your work.

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Duration: 24 Minutes
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11 binho
Friday 29 November, 2013 18:53:44
wow thanks Eran it is amazing tutorials thank's so much.
10 Jim
Friday 07 September, 2012 15:21:03
Solved it. Had to change the x position on the first duplicate solid.
9 Jim
Friday 07 September, 2012 13:00:32
I can not get this to work for me. I\'m using cs6. I get a cross shape not a cube. All the solids emanate from the same anchor point. I believe I\'m following the instructions verbatim. Help
8 jon eshun
Friday 13 July, 2012 03:45:14
great tutorials i really like this one its breath taking
7 Orland
Saturday 12 November, 2011 17:49:16
You are the best always thank for sharing this awesome technique i've been learning a lot from this website thank a million ...
6 jose
Thursday 19 May, 2011 18:09:18
another master piece from Keep it up Thanks
5 Rafal
Wednesday 18 May, 2011 04:14:23
sir, the tutorial is just marvellous and thumbs up for a great humor
4 Heri
Monday 09 May, 2011 18:23:21
another great tutorial, thanks a lot Eran..
3 Raphi
Friday 06 May, 2011 00:50:47
Quite Impressive!
2 Ramzes
Friday 15 April, 2011 02:16:54
Very beautiful and helpful tutorial,thank you Eran!
1 altaf
Wednesday 06 April, 2011 14:00:50
oh wow, it is wonderful. keep goin eran
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