300 Title Design

Latest tutorial: 300 Title Design

 Recreating the title sequence from the movie "300". Design and build a three-scene 3D environment with the same graphic novel/comic book feel of the original inspiration.

Duration: 34 Minutes
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Sternfx Comments
Wednesday 20 July, 2016 14:32:27
19 wen
Sunday 23 March, 2014 11:09:36
thanks,it really helps a lot
18 Ke9
Saturday 04 January, 2014 11:28:21
Hey guys, I can't find the link. How do I go about it. Pls I need anybody's help. Thanks.
17 Ken O
Saturday 16 November, 2013 20:31:34
Hey great tut bro. I was able to watch before but now just tries to load. You should creat a Youtube account and upload to it so people can watch your awesome videos. I reALLY NEED TO WATCH IT AGAQIN FOR SOME TIPS ON A PROJECT i'M WORKING ON BUT CANNOT PLAY IT ON YOUR VIMEO. aHHHHHH(:
16 Eran Stern
Monday 18 February, 2013 15:26:18

Tutorial link is back

15 Ken
Monday 18 February, 2013 14:19:07
The tutorial seems to be missing.
14 mohit arora
Monday 23 January, 2012 20:31:39
yup... this is really gr8... though these videos seems easy to make but... we lack in the concepts...
13 Joseph L. Rivers
Wednesday 12 October, 2011 00:43:31
Thanks Eran! Not just for this tutorial but for all your work. You are a gift!
12 meghagaur
Friday 30 September, 2011 17:17:54
Awesome tutorial....but i am not able to watch video. On clicking of Watch video btn its blank. Please solve this i want to try it
11 Fred Vianna ( Brazil )
Saturday 03 September, 2011 08:11:52
Very very very amazing and usefull tutorial !!!!!!!! The most interessant is the position of images ans animations to be " filmed " ... Thanks again !!! Fred
10 Ramzes
Friday 01 July, 2011 02:27:40
Excellent tutorial!Thank you Eran!Please make more such tutorials!Graphic design
9 dreamer
Friday 24 June, 2011 09:09:03
wow.. this is really coooooooooolllll... i love it
8 khaled
Saturday 07 May, 2011 19:16:29
i Watch The preview It's Look Great I Will Watch Tutorial now Thanx For Your Time To share your Experience ThanX
7 Yuval hoshen
Wednesday 30 March, 2011 03:07:42
Great tutorial! thank you!!! I love how you break it down to the most simple parts.
6 WhatTheHelge
Tuesday 29 March, 2011 00:31:44
Although I'm more of a visuell effect kind of guy, this is just awesome, and might be the coolest tutorial you have! (Even though I haven't watched it yet, just saw the final movie)
5 krishan indora
Monday 28 March, 2011 15:01:29
thanks this tutorial
4 tvandang
Sunday 27 March, 2011 07:09:30
i really like these kinds of animation tutorials. awesome!
3 Conrad
Saturday 26 March, 2011 10:52:52
It's nice to have a tutorial that explains a technique that might have been used in an actual movie ... and an awesome movie at that! Just like you .. 3 words to describe you ... AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME !!! TYVM for all these gems of knowledge !!!
2 Abhi
Saturday 26 March, 2011 08:24:47
wooooow sir its tooooooooo nice
1 Orators
Friday 25 March, 2011 20:46:21
awesome as always thanks
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