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6 Mike Nixon
Sunday 23 September, 2012 23:11:35
Great video, very helpful to me
5 Robert Sharpe
Thursday 02 February, 2012 23:32:19
Very informative - thank you!
4 Eran Stern
Wednesday 09 November, 2011 08:34:29

Thanks Sam, The sound effects are taken from this collection

3 Sam Fabio
Tuesday 08 November, 2011 22:28:31
hi im sam and want to thank you for sharing us your knowledge and i have a question that where can i get the sound fx that you already use it in the tutorial especially for the text transition, we can see it also in the military movies for an example : it's written : Washington DC . Marine. naval base and what they call it,... thanks in advance
2 Eric J
Thursday 03 March, 2011 21:13:04
Thanks i learned somethign new!
1 Abhi
Tuesday 01 March, 2011 08:32:39
very very very very very nice mind blowing
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