Transparent Video

Latest tutorial: Transparent Video

 What is the purpose of the Transparent Video Clip in Premiere Pro? By watching this chapter, you'll be able to learn how to use it in your own movie. 

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6 Mike Nixon
Sunday 23 September, 2012 23:11:35
Great video, very helpful to me
5 Robert Sharpe
Thursday 02 February, 2012 23:32:19
Very informative - thank you!
4 Eran Stern
Wednesday 09 November, 2011 08:34:29

Thanks Sam, The sound effects are taken from this collection

3 Sam Fabio
Tuesday 08 November, 2011 22:28:31
hi im sam and want to thank you for sharing us your knowledge and i have a question that where can i get the sound fx that you already use it in the tutorial especially for the text transition, we can see it also in the military movies for an example : it's written : Washington DC . Marine. naval base and what they call it,... thanks in advance
2 Eric J
Thursday 03 March, 2011 21:13:04
Thanks i learned somethign new!
1 Abhi
Tuesday 01 March, 2011 08:32:39
very very very very very nice mind blowing
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