Text Particles

Latest tutorial: Text Particles

Use the text tool in After Effects, along with several text animators to create rings of particles, making for a magical transition for a stock footage from Artbeats. Download project file

Duration: 25 Minutes
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16 carl18
Sunday 15 April, 2012 23:26:21
Hello eran, i would like to ask what operating system should i install to install cs5 or cs6. i have a very good video card. but my operating system is 32bit only, if you can answer it will be greatly appreciated
15 Eran Stern
Monday 19 March, 2012 20:53:16

It works perfect on my end. Give it another try and make sure that you have the latest QuickTime installed.

14 meir
Monday 19 March, 2012 19:19:25

Hi Eran, The "text particles" tutorial wont open

13 ali atoui
Sunday 08 January, 2012 06:48:50
thank you
12 demigod
Sunday 11 September, 2011 21:06:59
Hi Eran how did you do it so nicely woman disappears for mee master may be tell or some trick sorry for my english
11 Eran Stern
Monday 11 April, 2011 15:45:36

It's not mine to give. You can buy from Artbeats website

10 Samrat Shairgill
Monday 11 April, 2011 14:18:50
Hi dude!!! can you give the the Dust particle backgorund effect that you have used in the last of your tutorial..
9 Eran Stern
Thursday 24 February, 2011 22:33:36

Thanks, As far as I can tell, she was shot at the spot. There's a dissolve to a clean plate which makes her disappear. One of the oldest trick in the book <img src='http://www.sternfx.com/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif' />

8 Patrick DePuydt
Thursday 24 February, 2011 16:11:04
Whoa! Good stuff. Was the girl shot on green screen?
7 Eran Stern
Saturday 19 February, 2011 19:16:40

Both the Preview and the Tutorial are working well. Please try again and let me know if the problem persist.

Saturday 19 February, 2011 08:00:16
Hi mr.stern! I can not watch the finel result! What's the probelem?? Can you fix that? Thnx!
5 Romeady
Tuesday 15 February, 2011 23:29:10
Nice. Thanks for sharing.
4 dreamer
Saturday 12 February, 2011 15:44:15
wow.. gr8 tuts again... thanks for the share...
3 makosx
Saturday 12 February, 2011 14:00:56
Great! Magician! Thank You for share it.
2 Eran Stern
Saturday 12 February, 2011 09:55:04

Make sure you've got the latest version of Quicktime player installed. Other than that it should be fine. Thanks

1 Paul
Friday 11 February, 2011 23:04:06
Hi Eran, The "text particles" tutorial wont open i'm running windows 7 64 bit can you help please? Gret site with wonderful tuts Regards Paul
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