Exorcism Removal

Latest tutorial: Exorcism Removal

 Release the dark evil forces from a possessed person using After Effects. Use built-in particles effects tracked to the motion of the video clip to create your own custom special effects. 

Duration: 28 Mintues
Viewed: 24514
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6 zafarsahel
Wednesday 19 December, 2012 11:07:13
Man i find you at Creativecow.net .me and my friends are love your tutorials .but our net speed is really slow
5 Milton
Saturday 22 September, 2012 19:41:13
You are a crazy master
4 Kemal Koçak
Friday 22 April, 2011 09:17:56
Cool. Thanks
3 krishan indora
Saturday 12 March, 2011 04:28:57
love it
2 steve
Thursday 27 January, 2011 02:55:17
1 makosx
Tuesday 25 January, 2011 23:07:23
Amazing, as always. Thanx! very much.
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