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7 Jose Sander
Tuesday 22 May, 2012 05:11:58
Hi Eran Great tutorial...A question...I being working on BCC D3 OBJECTS for about 2 a great plug in...My main thing is 3D texts and logos, any idea what software I can use to create more reflections, stock only comes with 16, horizon blue, horizon fire, snow and grass and so on... I know is a DDS file...but unable to creat new ones...any help will be grat...Thanks
6 Artur
Thursday 13 January, 2011 10:07:43
Kazdy zrozumie, SUPER!
5 nikoscaldera
Sunday 09 January, 2011 19:47:41
thanx for your kind reply. i thought it was in AE. thanx again
4 Eran Stern
Sunday 09 January, 2011 08:30:50

Thanks nikoscaldera, the effect you're referring to was probably done using Flash Professional

3 nikoscaldera
Sunday 09 January, 2011 07:31:40
excellent tutorial.thanx for sharing! any idea how to achieve this effect ,i do not mean the intro but the slideshow fading in and out while u r flipping the imaginary pages. looks really good and somehow organic-ethereal, of course sepia touch helps but how about the rest? if u find any minutes to spare i would love to hear from you
2 Cah Bagoes
Wednesday 22 December, 2010 05:36:53
Thanks for tutor
1 colour play
Wednesday 15 December, 2010 10:39:20
good job sir.
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