Moving T-Shirts

Latest tutorial: Moving T-Shirts

Compose a design using elements from Motion Designer's Toolkits 6 and 7 and then tracks these clips to the subject's t-shirts using Mocha Ae.

Duration: 33 Minutes
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19 Anthony
Sunday 29 September, 2013 00:05:35
This was awesome and very easy to follow. I really enjoyed this. This was help greatly. I also attended the DV expo seminar where I was first introduced to you. I look forward to keeping up with this site and trying more. Thanks
18 Tom
Friday 16 March, 2012 19:12:51
thanx for turoial and ur adivice bro.
17 Eran Stern
Thursday 15 March, 2012 20:46:57

The footage in this tutorial are from Digital Juice, You may find some free ones spread around the internet. Here's a nice example

16 Tom
Thursday 15 March, 2012 19:05:19
whare i can Download watercolor splats and UrbanDeacay mov file
15 Mike
Tuesday 14 June, 2011 15:35:38
Like this tuts. exactly what i was looking for to make a music video. thanks eran. Shalom
14 nelo
Tuesday 29 March, 2011 08:05:59
great men
13 krishn mohan
Saturday 26 March, 2011 08:26:10
thanks for best tuts...
12 Randolph Azzopardi
Sunday 09 January, 2011 12:34:00
youre a Legend mate, answered a lot of my questions about Mocha
11 Yaroshenko Dmytro
Friday 07 January, 2011 23:33:32
Very usefull and good tutorials it was my first and i liked it alot, maybe i will use it on anyproject in the future, a lot of new stuff for me about Moca and its was really good advices.
10 Eran Stern
Friday 07 January, 2011 07:36:26

Thanks Michael, Comments like yours keeps me moving. I'm glad you find it useful

9 Michael
Friday 07 January, 2011 03:42:09
I have a job coming up where I need to do just this. You really changed me from being nervous to really excited about the project. Great tutorial! Thanks for the info
8 Sugaman Batista
Saturday 18 December, 2010 19:00:23
Very cool and profesional...Good work
7 makosx
Tuesday 30 November, 2010 20:43:08
Amazing, as always. Thanx!
6 Conrad DSouza
Tuesday 30 November, 2010 10:03:02
As always, you blow us away with your knowledge and techniques ... I am grateful I am in an industry that has guys like you, AK, JD, HF, AR and others as mentors !!! Thank you Sir.
5 Eran Stern
Monday 29 November, 2010 08:19:17

Tom, thanks for your nice words. The footage and the graphic files are property of Digital Juice, thus I can't offer them with the tutorial without their permission. I'm sure this technique will be useful with your own clips and graphics as well.

4 Tom Daigon
Sunday 28 November, 2010 22:25:21
Is it possible to make the footage you used available for download
3 Javi Ge
Sunday 28 November, 2010 18:47:19
Thanks you for this fantastic tutorial. Hope you continue guiding us
2 Craig Stewart
Wednesday 24 November, 2010 20:52:10
Thanks for the tutorial. Mocha can be a bit hard to figure out at times. You actually saved me a bunch of manual tracking with this one.
1 Tom Daigon
Wednesday 24 November, 2010 19:01:10
I really love learning from your tutorials. Im a little disappointed that Moving T Shirts didnt have the ability to download the footage. It makes doing the tutorial less helpful without the footage to follow with.
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