Hands Up!

Latest tutorial: Hands Up!

Create a cyber crime show open which evokes a perfect blend of analog and high tech crime using imagery from the MDT Libraries inside After Effects. 

Duration: 32 Minutes
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14 Eran Stern
Thursday 13 November, 2014 13:15:32

Consider using this plug-in which will do what you need and give you full control plus random values

13 Conrad
Thursday 13 November, 2014 10:33:50
Ever since I first saw this tutorial (before the advent of 3DExtruder script), I used the index expression in a few projects to extrude static layers to get 3D without using Shatter plugin. But now I would like to know how I can have layers extrude but randomly rotate along Z-axis. I decided to try it. So I put a footage element (like that animated targeting thing that goes round in a HUD), followed all steps to create indexed layers and applying random wiggle on Z-axis of each layer; but when I scaled in Z in the parent comp, although the extrusion worked. the layers' rotation still remain fixed. Any idea what needs to be done?
12 zafarsahel
Sunday 23 December, 2012 12:46:34
Plzzzzzzzzzzz compress these tutorials my net speed is really slow plzzzzzz sir plzzzz
11 Stefan
Sunday 25 November, 2012 05:25:44
10 Garit
Friday 23 November, 2012 08:03:37
great tutorial i learned so much! Thank You!
9 Saseendran
Thursday 12 January, 2012 09:57:09
Great tutorial!!!!!!!!!
8 Eran Stern
Saturday 08 January, 2011 19:21:51

Thanks for the warm comments, I'm glad it was helpful.

7 Anne-Louise
Saturday 08 January, 2011 12:05:29
Eran, many thanks for your extremely impressive and instructive tutorial. Your step by step explanations are very clear and easy to follow - even when extending my comfort zone in AE. Nice sense of humour too!!
6 Laurel
Monday 27 December, 2010 18:14:18
Hands Up is so entertaining and informative, many thanks for sharing your amazing skills and impressive knowledge... BTW - Is there a way to capture a U Tube Video and convert it to a movie clip? I've been told no, but I keep searching.
5 maia
Monday 13 December, 2010 16:27:33
Wow, amazing!!! Excellent tutorial, very clear and easy to follow. Not everybody can do that. And I can laugh along the way with the jokes.
4 delta
Tuesday 28 September, 2010 11:52:54


3 dreamer
Monday 30 August, 2010 18:06:19
wow... i like it.. i like it better when there was no 3rd party footage...
2 david
Tuesday 17 August, 2010 08:46:50
the more simple sty more genus it is very nice tut brilliant meted
Saturday 14 August, 2010 13:14:04
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