Mind Trip - Part 2

Latest tutorial: Mind Trip - Part 2

 In the final piece of this 2-part video tutorial, I'll reveal the secrets found in a woman's mind. Learn how to use radial blur, caustics, glow, and other tricks in After Effects to reveal a dream-like scene at the end of your tunnel vision effect. This technique can also be used on its own or in conjunction with Part 1. All thanks to amazing footage from Artbeats.com   

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Duration: 11 minutes
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8 victor
Friday 18 October, 2013 14:33:05
YOUR graphics are just good,,, am crazy to learn it pliz
7 Mark
Wednesday 26 December, 2012 22:52:44
Wow,we are looking at after effects to animate our logo in some away,your guides are fantastic,thanks again.
6 Ivanex
Wednesday 20 April, 2011 04:31:22
Muchas gracias.... Excelente trabajo, muy buena presentación e impecable calidad...... VERY GOOD......... Thanks Eran
5 Lu
Sunday 27 March, 2011 03:11:04
An excellent, fun tutorial infused with mystery, space & time travel...and most of all with valuable AE tips worth ... Special FX Gold! Thank You Eran!
4 Leonardo
Wednesday 01 September, 2010 03:51:45
hi sorry! but do not see the video tutorial charges nunc!
3 Siryev
Wednesday 21 July, 2010 19:11:29
Really cool , Eran , thank you
2 paul
Tuesday 20 July, 2010 23:23:16
you make me love motion graphics...thank you Eran.
1 Steve
Monday 19 July, 2010 01:47:14

Thanks Eran, you've done it again!

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