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16 Eran Stern
Friday 17 August, 2012 08:50:02

Those arrows are pre made elements (video files). This is the beauty of Digital Jucie, they help you with pre-made animations to upbeat your comp.

15 Hamid
Thursday 16 August, 2012 21:25:23
Hi, please explain more about how to animate arrows from its tail to its head
14 papa
Tuesday 28 June, 2011 05:36:30
13 Richard
Sunday 19 December, 2010 13:52:27
Hi Eran, some great tutorials on your site, work well as inspiration for real world corporate projects. Thank you
12 Joel
Tuesday 09 November, 2010 16:19:25
Eran, thanks for the time and efforts on making all these very helpful tutorials
11 Eran Stern
Monday 27 September, 2010 11:12:06

Sure, you can download it from the DJTV page here

10 JATS78
Monday 27 September, 2010 10:17:34
Itīs possible download this tutorial?? Thank you. Itīs fantastic...
9 Rob
Thursday 02 September, 2010 15:54:47
You use to be good mate, now the only thing you do is promoting Digital juice. We all know to move the cam already.
8 yurgy
Thursday 26 August, 2010 12:23:54
great tutorial
7 Eran Stern
Saturday 14 August, 2010 10:44:32

You can find it using simple google image search or via creativecommons

6 Cecil
Friday 13 August, 2010 23:33:06
Where did you get the chalkboard image from, I don/\'t think you mentioned that in the video.
5 dfdfsdf
Monday 26 July, 2010 17:21:32
This tutorial is sucks man ! everything is real footage ready to use .
4 vahid
Monday 19 July, 2010 09:26:28
very gooood
3 khaled
Thursday 08 July, 2010 08:24:52
finaly great tutorial after along time thanx
2 dreamer
Wednesday 07 July, 2010 20:00:03
wakawaka... nice
1 sanjay akolikar
Tuesday 06 July, 2010 10:12:31
Excellent work. Learned lot of things from your tutorials.
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