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Create a fantastic title open using Digital Juice footage

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Thursday 20 January, 2011 18:15:54
Mr Eran, i have been following ur tutorials for a while, i highly respect ur brain thinking i mean you always deliver and save us form a question (HOW CAN I GET THIS DONE) your tutorial give me more edge in my company over others, please keep posting ur tut is very fantastic... Am doing Good here in Nigeria .. Am flowing u and i enjoy u, ur funny voice make the tutorial interesting... Thanks.
9 Jongpong
Monday 20 September, 2010 19:38:26
Its worth to call you Sir, at first your voice sounds like hopeless guy but woh! your techniques comes from nowhere and your works is unbelievable, keep the good works flow, thanks.
Sunday 11 July, 2010 18:14:36
Looks like sternfx is inspired by!! Ha Ha just joking...your concepts are really good...Thanks
7 Joseph
Friday 18 June, 2010 16:41:39
Thanks Eran! your techniqes are simple to understand. i just discovered your site and i thing you are a great guy in AE world.
6 Chriss Abang
Saturday 22 May, 2010 23:02:44
Hey Eran Stern. If i say that is great then its going to be an understatement. this is groundbreaking. I will look for a word or phrase to qualify u with. Good is not enough to qualify. thanks Man
5 Eran Stern
Thursday 20 May, 2010 23:42:38
The value that comes out from this expression is the frame that the video should be at. Because we subtract the tracking data it shift it using this value which corresponds to the the X tracking data. If you want to experiment more you can also connect it to Audio files in your comp. The expressions become more complicated due to the need of converting the data between time and frames. Read this thread to get some ideas:
4 tvandang
Thursday 20 May, 2010 19:39:25
Mr. Stern, what kind of value is time remapping when you subtract it from the tracking x value? i assume it's a numeric but i don't understand. please explain. thanks! tvandang
3 anshu tyagi
Thursday 20 May, 2010 07:35:58
Nice tuts Sir, it,s a lot of helpful for me.....
2 Nichola Brasil
Wednesday 19 May, 2010 23:35:00
Thanks Andrew! You is the Best!
1 Arthur
Sunday 16 May, 2010 19:41:04
Thanks Eran!
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