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16 Eran Stern
Sunday 11 September, 2011 13:58:12

You can download a watermarked HD comp from Artbeats. Here's a direct link to the file I've used in this tutorial

15 aman
Sunday 11 September, 2011 13:29:31
I would like to try this tut but where to find this glass breaking clip
14 Lu
Sunday 13 March, 2011 18:16:02
Hi Eran. Just a quick Thank You for all your helpful ...and funny... tutorials. I've been learning from you A LOT! Lu
13 gregg macdonald
Thursday 18 November, 2010 18:56:32
Eran - please ignore the humorless comment by "Logan". Like many others, I find myself laughing out loud during your tuts. Love your sense of humor. Don't stop.
12 Logan
Thursday 04 November, 2010 09:33:18
You have such a nice tutorial but most of the time you wanted to be funny but you are not. The more you tried to be funnier the more people get bored. I thank you for for the tutorials but keep it simple so we don't get bored... Try listening to your own tutorials and you will know what i mean. Sorry!!!
11 Luis E. Gomez
Sunday 24 October, 2010 03:58:36
well done
10 ali albeati
Monday 11 October, 2010 14:25:37

Thanks for your windfull traning

9 reda
Sunday 12 September, 2010 19:18:34
you are awesome, i wanna be just like u, i'd like to now the best system for After Effects PLS.
8 rufino
Friday 03 September, 2010 19:08:32
you are awesome one of a kind genius. i wanna be just like u. thanks for all the tuts.
7 fchill
Saturday 21 August, 2010 05:20:07
Hi I appreciate the information you have on your website. Today is my first time here and I find your ideas very interesting. You would like to know how I can get the files from the tutorials. sorry if my English is very bad, in fact I speak Spanish
6 ali toui
Saturday 03 July, 2010 01:01:10
very very very nice
5 kenny
Wednesday 23 June, 2010 22:15:24
pls Eran i need your help.
4 Manolo
Sunday 30 May, 2010 00:28:46
A-m-a-z-i-n-g! Thanks a lot!
3 Marcelo Carloni
Tuesday 11 May, 2010 04:00:11
Thanks again Eran, your tutorials help me a lot in my work. Thanks from Brazil!
2 soufian
Tuesday 11 May, 2010 01:06:31
waw stern , good great creation
1 dreamer
Monday 10 May, 2010 17:02:45
Thanks Sir Eran... nice a great tuts. again... i have that Glass Breaking Clip. BCC pluings can be use like that? wow... thanks for the tips aswell...
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