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12 Heath
Thursday 21 November, 2013 13:46:30
Eran you're a legend!!! Cheers for your awesome tutorials... ROB - you're Super Speed Broadband is maybe Not so Super after all... I'm finding the Free Content is very Watchable - mate!! Rob - what does 'patient of a Sant' mean? I don't speak 'moron' very well - so could please enlighten me.... mate.
11 Guillermo Alciso
Monday 28 May, 2012 20:16:49
Hi Eran I really like your tutorial I'm taking a class Adobe After Effects CS5 at ABC Adult School. And I want to lear deeply of After Effects thats why I always watch your tutorials. My question is what books of After Effects are you using.
10 Omri
Wednesday 02 November, 2011 00:23:02
9 xl
Tuesday 08 June, 2010 15:56:45
Hi Eran, the antialiasing options for vector files have been there since CS3 (or even AE7). Might be nice to know for those that have´t upgraded yet.
8 kam
Thursday 13 May, 2010 12:34:41
video runs just fine on my system ;] Thanks for the tips! Keep them coming!
7 Ian
Thursday 06 May, 2010 17:59:58
Rob, sounds like you are being 'ripped off' with your super speed broadband. I've been watching Erans tutorials for over a year now, and the quality is always immaculate and no problems with the loading! Eran, great to have you back, I've missed your regular tutorials!!! all the best ian
6 Benjamin Goldman
Monday 03 May, 2010 23:43:07
Thanks Eran! Great to know about the antialiasing options. Clip streaming speed works well for me.
5 Eran Stern
Friday 30 April, 2010 18:58:58
Conrad, If theres ever be such a production, you will have a front row seat . Thanks for your web input as well.
4 Conrad
Friday 30 April, 2010 15:05:26
Hi Eran ... as always, it's a pleasure to watch your tutorials. I just coined a new title for guys like you who fall in it ... "LXAEM" (League of Extraordinary AE Men) ... IMHO, it also includes JD, AK, AR, GSG, Maltannon (can't think of any initials for him ... JD's already taken and M is too generic), and so many other AE greats.Thank you on behalf of all AE users (from beginners to Pros alike ... but especially beginners and intermediates) Quality v/s size is excellent for all tuts ... don't change a thing. @Rob Try downloading and viewing offline. Either use free IDM or (if you are using Firefox) try flashgot . Since you say you are on super-speed broadband, it should download in minutes if not seconds. I'm on a dial-up (28k) and that's what I do. I got all the tuts that way.
3 Eran Stern
Sunday 18 April, 2010 23:14:41
Rob, thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your have this un-pleasant experience with my FREE content. The FLV on the site are rendered at ~ 500 KB/s - Here It loads quite fast, I have a 2MB connection and this movie is loading to it's full in about 2:00 minutes. If I'll compress it at a lower bit-rate than that, it will not be viewable. May I suggest to try once again at different hour of the day to see if it resolved.
2 Rob
Sunday 18 April, 2010 19:34:43
Render your movies with less bit rate, cause they're unwachable mate, and I have super speed broadband, you have to have the patient of a Sant to wach the whole tutorial.
1 Ramzes
Monday 12 April, 2010 10:51:54
Eran thank you very much, awesome tutorial!
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