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12 Eran Stern
Tuesday 14 June, 2011 15:53:49

You caught me there Chris. I was planning to release this long ago but the client didn't approve the usage of his materials. I hope to re-visit it soon and post a tutorial about the technique.

11 Chris
Tuesday 14 June, 2011 15:41:07
Where can I find the "creating simple 3d-elements in ae" -tutorial, that you mentioned in the beginning of this tutorial?
10 Eran Stern
Friday 30 April, 2010 18:56:15
Thanks Conrad for a wonderful and funny comment. You moved me, Glad to hear you enjoy my content. There's more to come soon.
9 Conrad
Friday 30 April, 2010 15:23:26
Love your tuts Eran ... wish you a long and happy life (partly, so that you can keep giving us great tuts like this ;P) And yes ... I'm the same guy who coined the title "LXAEM" (League of Extraordinary AE Men) which includes you and the other AE greats. So if you guys ever decide to make a big hollywood blockbuster with all of you in it, do remember to add me in the credits as the guy who coined the title. And maybe get JJ Abrams to direct it. He's good .... he's very good @ Robin Brown If you face the problem of a blank page, try clearing the cache, before attempting to load the page again. See if that helps. ... this is because if the blank page is still in cache, it'll keep reloading no matter how many times you retry. I've had this problem sometimes, and clearing the cache helps.
8 Eran Stern
Wednesday 28 April, 2010 16:02:59
As promised here is the link for this tutorial posted on AdobeTV.
7 steve
Tuesday 27 April, 2010 03:07:00
Hi Eran, no problems on my OSX10.6 machine. Thank's as always!
6 Tom Bradley
Friday 23 April, 2010 18:17:32
Well, Stern I love U and your work. They are very fine and I want to let you know that u should acknowledge God Almighty for His grace upon u. I Love You Work. But u need to send me a tutorial DVD to learn After effects from you. Thanks. Tom Bradley.
5 Robin Brown
Friday 23 April, 2010 09:27:02
Eran, I tried what you suggested but to no avail. Maybe there is a problem with my installation. When I get round to rebuilding Windows it may solve the problem. However, If I remove (&bg_image=preview_960x600_en.jpg) from the link, it will allow me to view the video. Thankyou for your time Regards Robin
4 Eran Stern
Thursday 22 April, 2010 17:28:22
I tested it again on few machines, both Mac and Win - all looks fine. Anyway, it will be available soon on AbobeTV as well, I'll be sure to follow and post the link here.
3 Simon
Thursday 22 April, 2010 12:07:10
Doesn't play for me either (on a mac 10.5.
2 Eran Stern
Wednesday 21 April, 2010 03:33:02
Seems to work fine on my end. Maybe try to uninstall and re-install the flash plugin from Adobe:
1 Robin Brown
Wednesday 21 April, 2010 02:10:06
Eran, When I try to view your tutorials by selecting the large purple (Watch Tutorial) Tab I just get a blank page. This appears to be consistent with all your new tutorials that I have tried to view, the older tutorials I have no problems viewing. Eventually, after visiting your site several times I will have success. Any idea why this is happening, as I can not view your latest two releases. Regards Robin.
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