Look Ma, No Wires

Latest tutorial: Look Ma, No Wires

A clever technique for shooting flying people in front of a green screen without the use of crane and wires. This shot is part of a pilot for a new fantasy comedy show created by Eyal Be and Nimrod Ben Moshe, Watch the full trailer.

Duration: 10 Minutes
Viewed: 24355
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16 Rogerio Nobre
Thursday 11 April, 2013 08:28:32
Nice tutorial! Thank you very much.
15 naren indian
Monday 13 September, 2010 19:51:42
A lot of applouse.... I think you have an edge and able to put a lot of sense to your created effects..... people can dream but see in a very inexpensive and down to earth manner make people understand now thought process is more important... your tut has real motivation.... Spread your inside God more n more to believe everybody to see his inside light... thanks
14 kenny
Wednesday 21 July, 2010 20:21:19
hi just what i had in mind but i never thought about skirt!.Do you have any tip for shooting men wearing suit and trousers? thnx
13 Girum
Tuesday 01 June, 2010 09:35:57
I am new to aftereffect but the help I get from u and Andrew Kramer make me the best vfx pro at my home country Ethiopia tnx man, if I know that there is a tutorial a year before. U may find me now at creative cow but I will keep tut man.
12 Steve
Wednesday 28 April, 2010 03:52:41
Thanks for sharing!
11 Eran Stern
Sunday 11 April, 2010 09:48:38
@ Jorge: This tutorial is not part of my DVDs yet, it's only available here on-line.
10 Jorge
Sunday 11 April, 2010 04:40:29
great job, which DVD has this tutorial?? Look Ma, No Wires a New Solid? I want to buy this one
9 Terre
Wednesday 24 March, 2010 23:55:30
This is an excellent technique... thank you -- and Eyal Be and Nimrod Ben Moshe -- so much for sharing it!
8 soufian
Wednesday 24 March, 2010 15:16:12
Beautiful stern barvo Waiting for your new works good way
7 danties xurs
Tuesday 23 March, 2010 10:43:22
Hey man yo great.Thanx
6 dreamer
Monday 22 March, 2010 08:09:45
wow... this is gr8 agian... thanks... alot
5 ThisDude
Monday 22 March, 2010 06:30:41
Great Tut, Really nice stuff. I will love to know how to create your logo effect at the end. Thanks
4 mudiaga
Sunday 21 March, 2010 21:15:46
your creative imagination have very strong muscles. keep flexing those muscles for people like us to draw inspiration. Thanks
3 sm khalid
Saturday 20 March, 2010 21:42:00
thanks for leting us know and help ur great at it
2 luantran
Saturday 20 March, 2010 09:04:37
Tut very nice, tuts new gooodd....
1 tvandang
Friday 19 March, 2010 19:10:50
Awesome techniques!!! Thanks!
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