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14 Eran Stern
Thursday 05 August, 2010 22:19:58

Hi Mark, I'm not sure what went wrong. If you think there's is a technical problem with the plugin, try to consult RE:Vision's technical support. Otherwise, watch the tutorial again, pause when needed and try to follow my steps once again. Hope this helps, Best Wishes, Eran

13 Mark
Thursday 05 August, 2010 21:41:53
Eran, thank you for this great tutorial. After watching this tutorial I may consider purchasing this plug in, however, after downloading the demo version and following your instructions I can't seem to get this effect to work. Perhaps it's the demo, but I don't want to pay the money without seeing it work for myself. Any suggestions?
12 amr
Sunday 07 March, 2010 03:09:01
hey eran nice work man ... i just wanna ask u about creating an ice floor like the movie day after tomorrow if u remember ... how the floor freezing i know it's hard and request a lot of work but it's powerful tut will be
11 nomair
Saturday 20 February, 2010 21:56:08
thank you for all tutorials and please make tutorial to make 3d ribbon in after effect bye
10 Ramzes
Thursday 04 February, 2010 23:38:51
Eren, thanks for answer. one more thing, in this effect, unfolding, I mean if you can show how to unfold buildings, trees and other staff, I can't find anything for example for you yet.But I think you know what I mean. Best Regards
9 Eran Stern
Thursday 04 February, 2010 11:54:10
@ Ramzes, Thanks, Its a good idea, I'll see what I can cook. @ Manju, This is more complicated than you might think. I've tried to develop an automatic method for it, but never managed to create something which is simple to use. If you'll need to create a convincing pop-up book effect, you'll probably need to set it manually using 3D layers or if you're after a sophisticated look - using Digieffects Freeform plugin.
8 Ramzes
Thursday 04 February, 2010 11:02:15
Eren hello! I love your tutorials, they very helpful. I would like to ask you, if you can show us like in this video. how to do this kind of effect in AE. unfolding animation. but in a more advanced way.
7 erdinc
Tuesday 02 February, 2010 11:43:40
perfect tut, i am working on stopmotion animation so it is a gift for me ,thank u so much
6 Manju
Sunday 31 January, 2010 16:19:15
Hi Eran, One day will you do a popup book tutorial. May be it's basic stuff. But everyone is not an expert on AE. pleaseeeeeeeee!
5 Eran Stern
Thursday 28 January, 2010 22:31:44
Thank you for your kind words, Now you put a smile on my face too
4 Virgil
Thursday 28 January, 2010 18:02:08
Thanks Eran, you're a great Teacher, and an awesome character. Whenever I watch one of your tutorials, I get something new out of it, wether it's a technique, workflow, idea, etc. And by the time the tutorial is over, I always have a smile on my face. My best wishes for you and your loved ones.
3 jim wright
Thursday 28 January, 2010 01:23:22
As always, a great tutorial. Thank you.
2 Andy Castro
Wednesday 27 January, 2010 17:24:16
I just bought a nikon D300s and when it comes in the mail this is the first technique i will try. THANKS! RO![0_o]!BOT
1 Douglas Parker
Wednesday 27 January, 2010 11:49:15
I bought the Twixtor pro plug-in awhile ago and never really used it. Your tutorial really inspired me and showed me how to do quality slo-mo with Twixtor. Thank you so much Eran!
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