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Screen replacement using Mocha's tracking capabilities and further enhancements with motion graphics and compositing. Based on stock footage from Artbeats

Duration: 24 Minutes
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7 Vishesh Arora
Sunday 09 September, 2012 20:34:23
Thanks Mr. Stern. I was searching for a good mocha tutorial and I found this quite useful and easy. Keep uploading New ones
6 brendy Similien
Wednesday 04 May, 2011 21:49:36
Hi, i like you tutorials they very very good.i use matchmover to do ma work, but i just see moca is very good and fast to use. thank a lot. I have only problem could you use flash instead of quicktime? quicktime takes times to load
5 dreamer
Sunday 24 January, 2010 17:37:26
nice and thanks a bunch
4 Eran Stern
Friday 22 January, 2010 11:19:50
@ sid Thanks, I'm glad it helps. The link seems to be working now, give it a try.
3 sid
Friday 22 January, 2010 01:47:30
hi mr stern i am a big fan of yours and i have watched all your tutorials i like them a lot keep up the good work you have taught me a lot with your unique style love it thanks but this latest bionic tutorial the link is not working for me is it only me or something wrong with the link see if you can do something about it or when is this tutorial be on the cow's site? Thanks a gain peace from Canada
2 tvandang
Monday 18 January, 2010 19:46:09
Wow, using mocha in conjunction with corner pin effect to refine the effect is something new for me. may i ask this question Mr. Stern. can i use this particular method to this video? would it be hard to track the picture frame in Mocha? if so, do you have any suggestions what the best to do it? thanks for all your awesome tutorials.
1 luantran
Friday 15 January, 2010 05:44:51
Tut nice, thank for share.....
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