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4 cesar
Wednesday 10 February, 2010 01:56:16
amazing, hi im fro ciudad juarez mexico, can you tell us a technique to animate a mask like rotoscoping
3 ali
Tuesday 24 November, 2009 18:34:14
hi my name is ali from iran thanks for tutorial
2 dreamer
Tuesday 17 November, 2009 15:34:21
wow... this is amazing again... i realy2 like it... i love u Sir Eran...
1 tvandang
Tuesday 17 November, 2009 09:36:28
i learned several new techniques. just simply awesome! i have another question: i saw a tutorial on CAMERA MAPPING from digieffects which totally blew my mind. can we do something like that in AE without buying this plugin? it would be harder knowing what I know of AE, wouldn't it? thanks!
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