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19 Eran Stern
Thursday 03 February, 2011 08:33:04

I checked this on 4 different workstation, the file is A-OK. It suppose to be only 120KB as there are no footage except of small texture file. Please try again and make sure you have both Serpentine 3D and Particular installed on your machine.

18 Gabriello Müller
Wednesday 02 February, 2011 17:02:32
Hi Earn! I downloaded this ZIP file. But if i opened it this was some problem. There was not enought file. And this is 121 kb(!!) only. And i have this plug in too. But this is not work. Can u help me? Can u send this project file to me? Many thanks! G.
17 Eran Stern
Tuesday 26 October, 2010 17:20:39

Thanks Rodman, The project is working well on my end, try again and make sure you have the serpentine plugin installed.

16 Rodman
Tuesday 26 October, 2010 15:51:16
Thanks for all your hard work making your tutorials available to all us, as my son says, Newbies Thanks again PS: Autumn Movies project files (ZIP) does not work, downloads as 121kb
15 Eran Stern
Sunday 02 May, 2010 10:06:47

Yes you can! Just make sure to add it to the 3D Serpentine effect (not to the layer itself) and it should work fine. For the expressions you asked for, I recommend to look at Dan Ebberts site

14 Jay
Sunday 02 May, 2010 09:01:55
Eran, Is it possible to add a bounce to the head of the path using an expression?. I dont have the plugin so cant test this out.
13 Eran Stern
Monday 22 March, 2010 17:54:56
Thanks, You can download a free trial from here
12 goran
Monday 22 March, 2010 17:09:15
fantastic tutorial but i dont know how to download plugin serpentin thank you for great tutorial
11 poljoprivreda
Saturday 05 December, 2009 01:30:35
10 nasik
Sunday 08 November, 2009 14:01:55
this is very nice its a maximum tutorial tooo
9 Billy
Friday 25 September, 2009 23:05:33
Eran....thanks for this tutorial. I just picked up Serpentine and was really at a loss how to use it! This will be a massive help. Please consider doing a few more....there are hardly any tutorials for Serpentine out there yet.
8 Misael Sanchez
Friday 25 September, 2009 17:33:56
Amazing you are the best master of the world thank you so much
7 johny.S.B
Friday 25 September, 2009 16:04:51
Very helpful tutorials. your tips are not forgettable. We like you very much.
6 Eran Stern
Thursday 24 September, 2009 08:49:14
Hi William, Thanks for the heads-up. I am aware of the problem on the site. Looks like there is an on going Ddos attack on the server. The support team is on the case and hopefully it will be resolve soon.
5 William Cannavaro
Tuesday 22 September, 2009 19:13:23
Sorry I´m writing you in this section Eran , but the links for The Cube Intro for watchin´and the project files are broken, Can you please Fix Them? I´m very interested? Thank you in advance
4 Nandu
Tuesday 22 September, 2009 12:58:14
Great job sir,i have got lot of experience from your nice after effects tutorials,i love all of yours works
3 Frank
Tuesday 22 September, 2009 00:51:40
What a great plugin and a great tutorial. It has so much potential. I hope you showcase more plugins in the future.
2 Rick
Monday 21 September, 2009 09:40:19
thanks Eran. as always, very intuitive
1 Afterist nolad
Sunday 20 September, 2009 14:04:27
nice plug-in... Toda raba !
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