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12 Ana
Wednesday 04 May, 2016 03:52:43
Hi Eran, I wonder what kind of background dancer was filmed, green or any other color, but somehow cut him from the background?
11 Zonor
Saturday 29 August, 2015 23:22:28
Hi Eran and thanks for this useful tutorial ! I want to transform a bit your idea. I wondered, instead of using Wiggle for the scaling if we could control the shape color of each shapes, as you did with the wiggle ? Hope you'll read that soon. Thanks again.
Friday 29 January, 2010 04:24:28
thank you~! your tutorial is a best! thang you very much~!
9 cisse
Sunday 06 December, 2009 22:39:17
The don i Lord you i think you are the only one i need to know, when next your dvd for tutorial we be out
8 cisse
Saturday 28 November, 2009 21:03:38
hey eran stern,if i may ask, how did you discovered your talent
7 philippe
Saturday 07 November, 2009 07:58:58
great, but can't find the glow effect in my french CS4 version.
Thursday 15 October, 2009 06:38:53
hey really nice video , thanksss
5 Khalid
Thursday 24 September, 2009 01:56:11
That is creativity!!! nice job well done and keep it up
4 Fortune Lauture
Friday 11 September, 2009 05:14:20
This tutorial is very nice. Once again you make the point Eran Stern. I like your style!
3 Ener
Friday 11 September, 2009 05:09:18
Great. Very good effect.
2 Killer
Monday 07 September, 2009 16:54:59
Good Job
1 Hannu Loimi
Sunday 06 September, 2009 11:28:07
You are the best ,i love to see your tutorials.
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