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TypeMonkey Script for After Effects
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Saturday 11 February, 2012 13:39:36

i thank god for people like a new person in this industry and i want to learn more but i dont know how to enroll into your class. please help me.

11 Mystic7
Saturday 31 July, 2010 15:29:16
Well, I finally got it to render, it took almost 7 hours, and the final file is only 78 megs, so I really don't know what the problem was.
10 Mystic7
Saturday 31 July, 2010 02:52:29
I completed the tutorial but I can't render it, AE keeps freezing. I also had a hard time scrubbing the timeline there was so much lag. Did anybody else have this problem?
9 cefa
Tuesday 27 April, 2010 16:10:34
Hello Earn from Italy, you are very great
8 yehiel
Thursday 08 April, 2010 21:42:43
instructive and creative , it's always intresting to watch your tuto. thanks
7 Nichola
Saturday 06 March, 2010 20:41:02
Nice Eran, I'm your fan. Nichola (BRAZIL / Amapa / Macapa)
6 chandrasekhar(india0
Thursday 21 January, 2010 17:42:55
thanks for ur tutorials. am fully satisfied
Wednesday 23 December, 2009 10:12:27
4 liz
Saturday 31 October, 2009 07:32:13
love this. thank you very much for sharing it
3 Ashcat
Friday 30 October, 2009 13:58:58
So cool! thanks for sharing ∑:-3
2 steve martin
Tuesday 13 October, 2009 20:40:25
Thanks again Eran!
1 Mohammad
Wednesday 07 October, 2009 19:05:32
you are good man
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