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15 lee
Saturday 11 August, 2012 18:46:59
It seem to me that soda can reflextion layer not reflex the logo in right direction,how can you fix that.
14 Romir
Tuesday 07 September, 2010 04:40:25
Eran after effects glows with your tutorials it makes it awesome. Keep it up! Thanks a million. Cheers Romir
13 ali
Monday 24 May, 2010 13:43:34
thank you, very happy to see like this
12 sunny
Monday 12 April, 2010 14:35:13
u awsomes eran stern kool bro keep it up
11 vishal parvani
Monday 30 November, 2009 22:45:02
hi..i m vishal..n i just want to say..that u r great...your tutorial really helps me a lot to understand and study the after effects more easily.....and i love to work on afx...
10 Mohamed
Tuesday 10 November, 2009 09:02:22
Hello Eran Stern Thanks for your tut sorry but this is the first time i see your website and you can call me now a new here and thanks so much really and iam Egyptian Boy and and iam happy to know your site today and God will this site i think will be a great site ....
9 Eran Stern
Wednesday 07 October, 2009 08:31:48
To watch the tutorials you'll need Adobe Flash player and Apple Quicktime, please make sure that both are installed on your system and you should be able to watch all the content.
8 sebastian
Wednesday 07 October, 2009 04:24:33
hi im sebastian from ecuador i cant play your tutorials can you tell me how to do that please i really want to see them....thanks
7 Eran Stern
Wednesday 23 September, 2009 19:47:06
Glad it helps, Thank you all for your kind words
6 Brad Burns
Wednesday 23 September, 2009 18:53:43
Thank you so much for this tutorial! This is a quick and easy alternative to modeling in a 3d program. It took me 30 minutes to make the following video! Awsome, thanks again!
5 dreamer
Saturday 05 September, 2009 16:03:33
haha.. i love this part... wake up mister.. you are in the middle of the class... pls behave... hahaa... u r funny sir Eran.
4 sagar
Thursday 03 September, 2009 22:03:31
nice man really liked it...u r simply great...thanx for giving me u r knowledge take care bye
3 kkgproductions
Sunday 30 August, 2009 23:27:29
Thank you for this tutorial! where did you get the top of the can picture?
2 Franklin
Wednesday 26 August, 2009 21:33:17
You are a number one...
Wednesday 26 August, 2009 16:46:07
You are a genius! I know of a website their tutorial is not interactive and i dont understand it but the subjects are powerful. is there any way you can visit and teach some subjects there? Thanks so much, God will richly bless you.
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