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11 Eran Stern
Wednesday 22 December, 2010 21:16:40

Nothing really fancy Chris, just few solids with different opacity and few blend modes combination. working in 32 bpc helps too.

10 Chris
Wednesday 22 December, 2010 20:09:59
Hey Eran, Just checking back on my first comment here about a possible tutorial or explanation on how you created the glass plate around your tutorial cards. Is it possible to find out how you created that? Thanks, Chris
9 Zaidi Alwi
Sunday 12 September, 2010 06:38:58
Wow, fantastic.. Thanks .. looking for commercial ad..
8 Denis Tsangamusa
Sunday 15 August, 2010 17:37:55
Hey Master Eran, you deserve to be called this! I went trough many of your skillful and excited tutorials, really wonderful i\'m a new learner but i was interest in many footage from, soon we gonna use some of them i will suggest it to my Boss. You are so great. All the best Sir
7 prabhakar
Tuesday 20 April, 2010 10:28:01
very awesome and nice
6 Ali Hassan
Monday 29 March, 2010 17:40:34
Very Nice
5 Eran Stern
Thursday 18 March, 2010 08:27:13
Thanks Steven, Glad to hear this is working for you. I really believe BorisFX has reached a new level with 3D objects in AE. Watch the site for more stuff on this plug-in soon.
4 Steven Clay
Wednesday 17 March, 2010 20:12:06
Thanks for this tutorial. I have used so many different elements I learned in this tutorial in my work---I even bought boris continuum complete 6 based on what u show in this ONE tutorial so thanks man
3 Chris
Friday 08 January, 2010 16:24:30
Sounds great! Looking forward to it. If you change it alot from this version, can you include how you created this version because it really did look very realistic. Very nice! Thanks, Chris
2 Eran Stern
Friday 08 January, 2010 08:04:21
Thanks Chris, If you can wait for a while - then you'll get exactly what you've asked for. I'm working on a similar concept but it will take few more weeks until it will be published.
1 chris
Friday 08 January, 2010 00:07:53
Do you have a tutorial for the promo in this video that you called a more "hectic" version? It has a kinda glass plate around your tutorial cards. I have been trying to come up with a way to do exactly this only to have pictures inside the glass or plastic. If you could let me know if you have a tutorial or maybe explain how to make them I would greatly appreciate it. Love your tutorials! Chris- Minnesota- USA
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