The Transporter

Latest tutorial: The Transporter

Create a Star Trek Transporter effect using Trapcode Particular with few more plug-is from Red Giant Software.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Viewed: 29536
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4 Eran Stern
Saturday 03 September, 2011 10:13:05

The link has been fixed, thanks

3 Pete
Friday 02 September, 2011 21:33:33
Every time I click on watch tutorial it just takes me to the trapcode wedsite... how can I watch the actual tutorial??
2 kevin
Monday 19 July, 2010 09:00:06 tutorial!`haha``i am from china.i think make friend for foreign AE fan!

1 Yannick
Monday 01 March, 2010 17:08:54 on..keep on doing cool stuff
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