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14 Joel Evans
Sunday 11 November, 2012 14:17:06
Hi Eran, I followed your tutorial on a Simple Morph a while back and had some success. So yesterday I tried the Blowing Flowers, where I was stumped was the light emitter (key frames) and the camera. My result was awful at best. Any helpful hints you could give? I realize you are a busy man working your Adobe magic. Thank you for what you do and thank you in advance for any help given.
13 bright
Tuesday 06 March, 2012 20:08:25
God bless you, i hope to see you in the future
12 Eran Stern
Tuesday 31 January, 2012 09:39:22

Thanks, I recommend to download the project file from here or from the top of this page and see what went wrong

11 dave
Tuesday 31 January, 2012 03:33:32
Another great tutorial, Eran! Thanks so much. I have Particular v2, which does not have the "custom" option for assigning the layered PSD file to the particle type. I have a 5 layer PDF that I assigned as a "textured polygon" for the particle type. This almost works, but the top 2 layers seem to dominate what becomes animated. The lower 3 layers are barely visible and seem to be "stuck together". All 5 layers have transparent backgrounds. I have tried many different settings in Particular, but I am unable to get all 5 layers to randomly show up. Any suggestions? cheers, Dave
10 Ron
Sunday 08 January, 2012 05:35:38
Hey how do you get the light to follow or attach it to the path?
9 Flemming
Wednesday 19 January, 2011 15:54:50
HI .. Great simple tutor But how can I reverse the flowers/particular so they end start in front ending small in back REGARDS Flemming
8 Jiten Solanki
Saturday 01 January, 2011 10:23:02
Your tutorial is very fantastic I realy enjoyed Thank Eran Stern
7 Harry
Monday 15 November, 2010 14:01:29
Greatt tutorial, many thanks
6 Mystic7
Thursday 16 September, 2010 14:58:29
I just meant that you mentioned a tutorial on morphing using time remap to learn more about the flower.psd file in this tutorial. I couldn't find that tutorial but the first link you provided in your response was what I was looking for. Thanks!
5 Eran Stern
Thursday 16 September, 2010 14:44:16

Not sure what you mean, but if you'll search the site you can easily find these two: Simple Morph & Slow Motion Stills

4 Mystic7
Thursday 16 September, 2010 14:19:08
I can't find the tutorial on morphing using time remap. Is that .psd file just 5 layers with a different flower on each layer, or is there any animation involved in the file?
3 Vladimir Bizik
Monday 25 January, 2010 18:39:51
Hello Eran, thank you for running this website and for your tutorials on Creative COW. You are my companion almost on every evening. I am always looking forward to see a new stuff from you. Also learning very much from you. Vlado Bizik, from Slovakia too...
2 David Hodge
Monday 28 December, 2009 15:51:56
Eran, I would like to have this final movie as well as the tutorial on DVD or as a downloaded movie. I would like to be able to pause it and have it handy while I am doing a project. Is the project tutorial and the final movie at all available as a download or for purchase on DVD? Please let me know how I can aquire it. Thanks a milliion!
1 Tomas Zoricak
Sunday 06 September, 2009 15:13:06
Hi Eran, very pretty tutorial - I learned from you much, like from Afterista and this one tutorial.....thanks, I already wrote you e-mail about new tutorial of falling rose petals in 3D white room, I hope you will made it soon,thanks again, bye bye Tomas from Slovakia
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