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8 chia compani
Saturday 06 August, 2011 17:42:01
very good................
7 Veasna Cambodia
Saturday 12 June, 2010 09:53:44
It real editor.
6 Brad
Tuesday 12 January, 2010 21:04:32
5 Eran Stern
Friday 11 December, 2009 07:31:41
The text animation was done using 2 text animators with Opacity value set to 0 and key-framing the offset on each one individually, A similar technique is shown in this tutorial: http:/
4 PeterW
Wednesday 09 December, 2009 22:29:40
How did you make the text? is the text animated individually? it's not a font is it? Nioce technique to use lights as adjustments never seen something like this before.
3 Eran Stern
Wednesday 23 September, 2009 18:51:24
I know there is a problem with some of the files. Looks like a problem with the server. Support is working on the case, hopefully it will resolve soon. Thanks.
2 Russ Thomas
Wednesday 23 September, 2009 18:05:15
Hi some of your videos are not playing and your project files are not downloading
1 sajantk
Thursday 10 September, 2009 20:00:56
very nice..........
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