RG Corner Pin

Latest tutorial: RG Corner Pin

Enhance your tracking results by using Mocha AE and RG Warp Corner Pin plug-in

Duration: 15 Minutes
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5 Michael
Tuesday 09 July, 2013 23:22:08
I've followed nearly every tutorial on the web to do a VERY simple screen replace on a computer monitor (which zooms in, tilts sideways, and even leaves the stage/frame during zoom in). The spline, track, and minor adjustments workflow just is NOT working at all. It tracks for a few frames and then goes crazy. Tracking points fly all over, and I cannot proceed on my project. I've uploaded a copy of the section in question to YouTube. If you can help suggest anything, that would be VERY helpful! Thank you in advance for the help. You do a great job with your videos! http://youtu.be/d1mHBD7pxBw - video
4 Gopal Das
Tuesday 10 April, 2012 09:03:41
Plz Send a tutorial ware removal in MOCHA
3 Kazu video
Monday 20 June, 2011 16:13:11
Great tutorial, I use it for my adwertising videos.
2 Trevor D
Monday 31 January, 2011 12:03:45
Wow Eran, Wonderful Tutorial... I think i am going to use this many times. Thank you!!
1 John R
Tuesday 26 January, 2010 02:07:24
Eran......you are brilliant
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