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13 toolpic
Saturday 26 March, 2016 12:50:27
thanks for sharing such an amazing tutorial, can i find a pdf content also for this
12 sabine
Monday 06 May, 2013 20:21:10
I did this tutorial with the footage you used in the tutorial\\\"blowing flowers\\\",I followed your steps strictly,but why the flowers are all split into pieces,besides,there are a lot of dark shadows, I don\\\'t know why,can you please tell me the reason,thank you very much~
11 Tunks
Thursday 28 June, 2012 12:21:59
Hi Eran, Firstly, thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge. In this tutorial when I get to the Frame Blending part, I do like you say layer/frame blending/pixel motion and enable fb button but when I ram morphing! Any ideas? Cheers.
10 Jason R. Coleman
Tuesday 20 March, 2012 19:39:27
This only works if the two images are similar in the beginning. By using two dissimilar images, the final product just doesn\'t look right. just an FYI to anyone who is planning to use this process in a project...
9 Eran Stern
Sunday 16 October, 2011 07:24:57

It's still there, nothing has been removed.

8 Ted C
Sunday 16 October, 2011 03:35:15
Hi Eran... it seems that the Blowing Flowers tutorial has been removed. I was in the middle of creating a birthday card. Now I can no longer access the tut. can you help please
7 tvandang
Friday 09 April, 2010 16:27:03
Got it, Mr. Stern! Thanks!
6 Eran Stern
Friday 09 April, 2010 11:40:52
You need to first define the Base Form Grid and number of Particles in it, then under the Particle section, choose Custom and define the Custom Layer to the comp of flowers. Then you can add more life to it by using the Disperse & Twist and Fractal Field. Or create your own animation using Layer Maps. 
5 tvandang
Thursday 08 April, 2010 21:14:57
so to create a field of these flowers at the end of your tutorial, all i need is to bring this photo sequence layer into the form to be selected as a custom layer, right
4 Eran Stern
Wednesday 16 December, 2009 07:51:34
Joe, The flowers are not in the same layer, they are created inside Photoshop, each one on its own layer.
3 Joe
Tuesday 15 December, 2009 04:41:41
I am new to all this, have a question on the simple morph tutorial. how do you put all the flower files in the same layer as you show in the beginning of this tutorial. love your stuff, Joe
2 Tyree Morrow
Monday 19 October, 2009 03:08:59
I've learned so much from your tutorials. Thanks a lot.
1 Antonio
Monday 05 October, 2009 14:43:32
You are a great teacher
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