Digits Man Revisited

Latest tutorial: Digits Man Revisited

A different technique to create the running numbers effect using Trapcode Form plug-in

Duration: 17 Minutes
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3 Eran Stern
Monday 10 May, 2010 17:05:29
If you encounter problems with paragraph text, please see the thread here: http:/cowcast.creativecow.net/podcast/digits-man-part-1--208
2 Sander Leis
Saturday 09 January, 2010 15:57:33
Dear Eran, I was wonder if you can tell me how recreate the first scene from Terminator Salvation ... The logo of Warner Bros deform with Trapcode form ..i hope you help me out.. Kind regards, Sander Leis ..a big fan
1 Marcelo
Wednesday 28 October, 2009 21:55:05
Man, you rock! And I love your accent...
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