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8 ash
Saturday 03 September, 2011 13:19:38
There is no king of AE. thanks for sharing these techniques
7 Eran Stern
Tuesday 10 August, 2010 07:04:24

Luckily on every grumpy user there are plenty of happy ones who still makes me go. You are one of them Charlie - Thank you.

6 Charlie
Monday 09 August, 2010 21:35:27
Amazing. Constantly surprised how much truly professional content you and a few others produce largely for free. This quality was impossible to access w/out significant expense a handful of years ago. And yet some complain you aren't doing enough to teach them your art and science. In how many fields do the premiere practitioners provide enough free instruction for one to achieve basic "paid work" capabilities? Almost unique among industries. Ok, enough ranting. Thanks for making me a semi-competent AE-er in short time!! Now I need to order something this month so as not to completely freeload!
5 Eran Stern
Monday 09 August, 2010 15:35:54

Andrew is definitely the king of AE, however, if you wish you can download many FREE project files from the downloads section of this site as well. Other cool stuff is included inside my products.

4 Alex
Monday 09 August, 2010 15:26:13
Andrew Kramer gives the project files for free, and he is KING of AE!!
3 Eran Stern
Wednesday 12 May, 2010 09:34:34
Thanks Stephen, the project files for this tutorial and the others plus many bonus stuff, can be found in this product
2 Stephen
Wednesday 12 May, 2010 07:36:38
Hi Eran...I really like this....But Ive noticed a lot of your tutorials do not include the project files. Do you still have the wall image you used in this tutorial? Thanks for everything Steph
1 mina
Monday 19 October, 2009 03:19:16
nice i think it`s not hard realy?
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