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Track objects that are moving out of frame using expressions

Duration: 18 Minutes
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2 Joel Evans
Friday 24 July, 2015 01:37:18
The issue I am having is, I placed a mask over the object in my footage. The mask is parented to the Tracker Data. The problem is the mask can not keep up with the object. The object walks out of the mask, the mask is not fast enough. Thanks in advance for any help or hints.
1 Andrew
Saturday 09 February, 2013 02:26:32
Great stuff! I'm currently working on something where I have a series of (moving, panning left to right) clips that I need to line up out of frame so that it seems like one long, continuous stream of video. I'm planning on also on patching them together so you don't see where on clip ends and the next begins. Um, does that make sense? Am I watching the right video? Thanks!
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