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4 Eran Stern
Friday 09 March, 2012 09:22:21

I think this is what you're looking for

3 Boris
Thursday 08 March, 2012 20:45:38
Hi, Eran! Thanks for very usefull tut! But i have a question. What should i do, if i want to make "tornado shape", not "tornado text". You know, like a serpentine. Solid stripe instead of text line. Hope, you understand my googlish.
2 Diamondboy
Thursday 19 November, 2009 18:24:26
I really like this tutorial. I can see me using this effect in several ways. Thanks
1 dreamer
Thursday 29 October, 2009 17:49:59
watching this Tornado Text - Part 1 & 2 i understand how and where to use the displacement map... thanks...
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