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2 Eran Stern
Wednesday 11 August, 2010 08:26:31

Thanks Colin for your comment, you guessed it right. With the built in tools of After Effects this is very difficult. You may get a better result playing with Trapcode 3D Stroke plug in, but I doubt it will be a huge improvement.

1 Colin de Silva
Wednesday 11 August, 2010 05:06:25
Eran, great work with the tutorial. I have successfully followed it, but I have on question. How can you make the 'writing' of the text more 'natural', for example, change the direction of how the letters are written on screen? Is it possible to change the start/end points on the Illustrator mask to achieve this? I realise that this may be difficult due to the thickness of the font meaning the mask points follow the perimeter of the letter, but just asking in case... cheers Colin
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