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4 Omadon
Saturday 13 March, 2010 17:46:30 are the Master man...
3 tvandang
Friday 05 March, 2010 07:31:33
you are right! thank you so much!
2 Eran Stern
Friday 05 March, 2010 07:27:08
Its a known issue, especially on the Windows side. Try this: Quit both Applications. Now start Illustrator then copy your path. Next, Open After Effects and you should be able to paste.
1 tvandang
Friday 05 March, 2010 05:09:10
i can't copy and paste the outline into after effect on a solid layer from illustrator. i copy but the option of paste was grayed-out. i looked at the preferences in Illustrator under file handling and clipboard to make sure that AICB was checked and it was. can you help me? thanks! tvandang
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