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5 jeevan
Monday 29 August, 2011 11:56:32
nice to have this type of tuts very very nice
4 naren
Thursday 09 September, 2010 16:38:02
You have given your honest knowledge and wisdom back to your hobby trade.... Thanks, Keep it up.... my greetings
3 Eran Stern
Wednesday 10 March, 2010 23:30:10
There's is no real way that I know of for keying a person (if it wasn't shoot on a green screen) without the use of Rotoscoping. The difference key can work to some degree and so does the color range effect, but for most cases you will need do some masking and roto work by hand.
2 tvandang
Tuesday 09 March, 2010 18:20:55
Mr. Stern, I was wondering if it is possible to key out a person from a movie clip without using green screen for this tutorial. if i shot 2 movie clips on a tripod, one with me dancing around like your nephew, and the other one is without him. can i use perhaps "difference mode" to key this person out between two layers(clips)? i just don't want to rotoscope which takes too much time. thanks! always love all your tutorials. tvandang
1 arsim
Friday 28 August, 2009 23:06:16
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