Digits Man - Part 2

Latest tutorial: Digits Man - Part 2

Refine the design of the Digits Man promo with additional effects and Text animations.

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Duration: 12 Minutes
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TypeMonkey Script for After Effects
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4 Candy4me
Sunday 01 July, 2012 05:44:58
What animation preset did you use for the numbers to get it to fill the shade/shape of einstein's face like that?
3 Dhaval
Sunday 01 January, 2012 18:51:20
Hi Eran, loved the tutorial on ur site, thank you
2 itsme
Monday 10 May, 2010 16:52:36
well, after entering these massive amount of digits into this text area after effects does not show it. for example if more than half of the area is filled with 14px digits (resolution: 1280x720) text is invisible. any possible solution
1 Fantasy
Thursday 31 December, 2009 05:02:26
first, i am come china and i am a student. i watch this video makes me feel AE has a creative with no edge. how to study, what is the soul of it
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