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13 khalil
Saturday 17 May, 2014 01:12:34

the work around that I found for text disappearing after some pastes is copying text layer from Eran's project to my project.

12 Eran Stern
Tuesday 19 March, 2013 09:09:37

Please read the first comment. This is known bug in Ae, there are few ideas how to get around it

11 Arthur Hughes
Tuesday 19 March, 2013 01:57:21
I have tried your technique for this tutorial, however when pasting the text to complete the 1000px x 1000px composition it allows me to fill about half of the composition with text and as soon as I paste another set of text all of it disappears. Any ideas????
10 Arman ar-j
Thursday 16 August, 2012 03:04:04
Excellent tutorial, congratulations
9 Eran Stern
Friday 06 July, 2012 20:27:54

Using this method is not possible. In order to assemble an image using a still image or video it's recommended to use a plugin like Trapcdoe Form. There's a third tutorial here which explains how to achive this. Instead composition of literature you'll need to put together a composition consisting of stills, The duration of each should be a single frame and all must be the same size.

8 nancy
Friday 06 July, 2012 17:15:57
Is it possible to use changing images instead of numbers? How might I do that? Thank you again for all your wonderful tutorials
7 mystique
Sunday 04 September, 2011 17:20:32
Psd file nt coming!! plz help!
6 zsolt
Tuesday 11 May, 2010 14:26:00
it's funny to work with you !
5 kati
Wednesday 28 October, 2009 21:35:51
thank you eran for your great tutorials! over the past year i have been watching a lot! you are a great help!
4 milind
Monday 28 September, 2009 18:11:49
u r great sir. i saw u r tutorial.. its very helpful.. keep doing. more & more. u r voice is also sweet ,any new stuff mail me some details best of luck... with love
3 david chong
Friday 25 September, 2009 23:41:41
wow simplemente exelente... sensillo y complejo a la vez, sin lugar a dudas eres de los mejores, mil gracias por hacer esto....
2 ankur
Thursday 17 September, 2009 22:58:14
hey rock... thankz for all the stuff..have learned a lot from your tutorials
1 Eran Stern
Sunday 09 August, 2009 16:38:01
If you encounter problems with paragraph text, please see the thread here:
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