Smoking Letters

Latest tutorial: Smoking Letters

A quick and easy way to make a smoky title effect.

Duration: 9 minutes
Viewed: 31973
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Sternfx Comments
11 Nakita
Wednesday 11 September, 2013 02:36:00
Your tutorials are awesome!
10 bolach
Thursday 21 June, 2012 10:35:07
Cool tutor! But can you share with a smoke footage? Where can we download it?
9 Shafeek
Friday 08 April, 2011 14:24:42
nice tutorials- i just found this site, i need to explore all the lessons u taught.
8 suresh
Monday 27 December, 2010 15:35:47
this is a great tutorial!!!thanks stern.
7 ffatop
Saturday 04 December, 2010 19:17:12
thank you indeed, it's useful
6 Chinwendu
Monday 10 May, 2010 01:27:23
I think Stern is doing a great job. I just like the way he teach in his tutorials. I wish and want to be a star like Eran Stern. All his work are creative. I think he has a creative mind which is the mind of Christ.
5 anshu
Friday 29 January, 2010 17:42:31
its great, thanku stern...
4 gabriela
Monday 16 November, 2009 08:15:17
hi eran, i'm from mexico. thank you so much for this tutorial.
3 Jhoney
Wednesday 04 November, 2009 19:17:33
hi Stern. I`m from Brazil, and your tut`s are awesome. tks.
2 ale
Thursday 15 October, 2009 07:00:16
wow, nice tutorial i hope i learned something
1 Sanjay
Monday 07 September, 2009 11:11:03
Great!!!. Effect!!! also learned something
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