Nodes 2 Intro

Latest tutorial: Nodes 2 Intro

Introduction to Nodes 2, a plugin for After Effects by Yanobox from FX Factory.
We'll use this plugin to create a teaser for After Effects World Conference.

Download Project (CS6)

Duration: 34 Minutes
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4 Eran Stern
Thursday 24 July, 2014 20:27:03

The closet one is Plexus, but it's not the same thing.

3 Sheldon
Thursday 24 July, 2014 19:44:10
Hi is their a windows alternative to this?
2 Eran Stern
Friday 18 July, 2014 17:39:44

You can now download the .aep project file from above. Nodes 2 is needed in order to work with the file, a trial version is available here.

1 bader Alhammad
Friday 18 July, 2014 15:19:47
Great Tutorial .. Nodes 2 is really versatile plugins. Can we have .AEP project file please
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