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18 Eran Stern
Sunday 13 March, 2016 08:38:12

This plugin will not work in SpeedGrade.

17 Kevin Domer
Saturday 12 March, 2016 21:34:52
Hey Eran, this is awesome! Great workaround and very clear tutorial. I downloaded the plugin from the tutorial description above and it works for me in the latest 2015.2 Premiere release. But I noticed that when I do a direct link to SpeedGrade, this plugin effect doesn't carry over / isn't visible, whereas Three-Way Color Corrector and Fast Color Corrector are. Any ideas how to fix that? Do I need to copy the plugin into the SpeedGrade Plugins folder? Thanks!
16 Eran Stern
Wednesday 24 February, 2016 09:29:39

Just download the plugin from the tutorial description above

15 Gideon van Eeden
Wednesday 24 February, 2016 09:00:21
Hey Eran and other folks Yep, i was just so silly to update to the latest version of premiere pro cc 2015 and now the file structure seems to be different. I can't find the place to paste the plugin. Disastrous, but for the time being double clicking the old project files seems to open the old version of the software. Anyone have some advice?... please...
14 LesterNeil
Wednesday 12 August, 2015 09:23:14

This is really great. I've been working on a footage which badly shot and this workaround made my life easier. Thank you very much.

13 Peter
Wednesday 18 February, 2015 12:39:32
Hi, this plugin works great but I am experiencing a weird display issue. As soon as I render the clip I applied the effect to, the display in the program monitor shrinks horizontally. I'm using PAL DV footage (720x576) and instead of displaying at 1.33 aspect ratio it displays at around 1.25. This suggests it's forgetting the PAR of 1.094. I know it relates to the plugin because the display jumps back to normal as soon as I turn the effect off by clicking on the "fx" symbol in the effects panel. I exported the clip with and without the plugin active, and both exports displayed correctly, so it seems to be only a display issue within PP. However I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and if maybe it is one reason Adobe haven't made the plugin available in PP. I'm using CC2014 on Win8 with GPU acceleration, and I downloaded version 12 of the plugin from the link in Eran's post of June 21, 2014. Peter
12 aron thor
Monday 01 December, 2014 23:10:13
eran stern=life saver, tu!
11 Jeffrey Cipin
Thursday 20 November, 2014 16:43:27
A couple of days ago I was at a Premiere Pro CC 2014 presentation put on by Adobe reps here in Toronto. At the beginning of the presentation they show a graphic that had the Premiere Pro logo in the centre with the other Adobe products at the end of spokes. In other words, PP was at the centre of the product wheel. With that in mind I asked them at the end of the presentation if we would be seeing the convenience of having effects like Color Neutralizer made available directly in PP rather than having to hack them. Well, I got a very lengthy technical explanation of why that wasn't so simple, there were higher priorities, I should use Dynamic Link or SpeedGrade etc. I didn't find that particularly satisfactory so I told them that as a Creative Cloud customer I expected better. But let me tell you mentioning "hack" really bugged them. Too bad. I make a living editing, not doing product demos. And for the most part I do like Premiere Pro.
10 Kieran McCarthy
Thursday 20 November, 2014 01:36:41
Thank you so much. This hack has saved my project whereby I was on a shoot and my 2nd camera white balance was off. This hack worked for me although I had to download and use your link above to work in Premiere Pro CC 2014.
9 Dave Patterson
Wednesday 12 November, 2014 22:24:17
Wow, this is intriguing. Some of the Cycore effects are very good, and its great that this one can be added to Premiere. Has anyone tried adding other effects this way?
8 Eran Stern
Friday 12 September, 2014 22:31:44

There are few more that works pretty well, I cover all of then in this product. You can also find more knowledge here.

7 plonk
Friday 12 September, 2014 21:19:01
do any other plugins work like this? thanks!
6 Julian Roberts
Sunday 24 August, 2014 21:26:27
Great tip - thanks very much for this.
5 Lee Berger
Saturday 02 August, 2014 22:25:48

Worked for me. I've been missing the FCP 7 3-way color corrector and this comes the closest. Thanks for sharing.

4 Jeff Cipin
Friday 27 June, 2014 16:31:55
Can confirm that the AE CC version 12 Color Neutralizer plugin works in PP CC 2014. Thanks for being on top of this Eran. Easy movement of AE plugins to PP would be a wonderful feature. I mean I'm paying for both, why not make it convenient to use AE features in PP? Move forward, Adobe!
3 Andreas
Monday 23 June, 2014 21:54:11
Hi Eran. First off: thanks for a great video and tip. Just tried the hack and can confirm that it doesn't work with the After Effects 2014 file. Any chance you could be kind and upload the file? Regards, Andreas.
2 Eran Stern
Saturday 21 June, 2014 10:08:33

You need to copy the plug-in from the After Effects CC (Version 12) and paste it to the en_US folder under Premiere Pro 2014 release. For Some reason Adobe changed it and the new version doesn't work anymore. Here's a link to download the previous version of this effect which should work in Premiere Pro CC 2014

1 David Sienko
Saturday 21 June, 2014 05:03:15
Was finishing up a project, then updated to 2014, stupid move on my part, and now the plugin is missing. I realize this is a hack, but where do I put the plugin now? I copied the AE 2014 plugin, where do I put it now? Help final project Monday AM.
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