Kinetic Typography

Latest tutorial: Kinetic Typography

Tips and Tricks for Kinetic Typography in After Effects using TypeMonkey script.


Get TypeMonkey Hebew Text Modifier here

Duration: 35 Minutes
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6 Anna Johnson
Saturday 27 May, 2017 10:09:29
Thank you so much, Eran. Since two days I was searching monkey script for my kinetic typography project. Bro! It's really helpful. Thanks once again !!
5 Eran Stern
Sunday 02 March, 2014 14:37:37

Hi Idan, Not that I know of. There was a lot of work invested in this script development. We truly believe that 20 bucks won't impact your economically status so much

4 Idan
Sunday 02 March, 2014 13:23:10
Hey Eran, is there any other way to make the type monkey run hebrew normally without buying the hebrew text mode
3 reza
Friday 10 January, 2014 19:45:31
dear eran stern thank you for helping me to find this script , thats very kind of you
2 Eran Stern
Tuesday 07 January, 2014 12:06:07

You can find it here  I've added it to the description above as well

1 reza
Tuesday 07 January, 2014 11:54:10
hi dear eran stern I couldnt find tm - justifyRight.jsx script that used in tutorial please help!!!
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