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Latest tutorial: Extract Effect

The power of the Extract Effect inside Adobe After Effects. This effect creates transparency by keying out a specified brightness range, based on a histogram of a specified channel. It’s best used to create transparency in an image shot against a black or white background.

The clip in this video is courtesy of Shutterstock

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3 manju
Monday 05 September, 2016 08:53:26
nice tutorials
2 Fred Zarf
Thursday 29 August, 2013 18:35:56

Hi from France, nice tutorial on extract effect... you should add the UnMult effect (free plug-in on Red Giant website) to remove dark pixels on the edges of the white smoke.

1 Chris Holand
Monday 26 August, 2013 17:19:26
Thanks for the tutorial. I run into this often and this is very helpful.
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