Transporter Effect

Latest tutorial: Transporter Effect

Combine several several effects to disassemble a person to tiny particles. Excerpt from my "Personal Transporter" course at

Duration: 12 minutes
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3 Ana
Wednesday 04 May, 2016 04:17:55
Thanks for share! How is sad, I can't make it ... But will be great if I have it someday (the other part), because when something you really want, the universe helps you...
2 zafar
Saturday 17 August, 2013 20:53:56
hi sir ,this was your best tutorial in all of your tutorial, but u send that to it means this is a premium tutorial not for us
1 Josh Selva
Tuesday 09 April, 2013 05:20:12

Excellent you have now this tutorial in English Mr. Stern; however, my challenge is going to be to follow the original one that you first did in Hebrew. I'm a Hebrew illiterate, but I will do my best to force my intellect to understand your instructions just based in my very little self-learning of religious Hebrew language and basic logic. Wish me mazal tov ()

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