Duration and Size

Latest tutorial: Duration and Size

Method to change the length of the composition keeping the animation intact. Scale and modify the final comp using a built-in script.

Duration: 18 Minutes
Viewed: 8117
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5 willy
Friday 20 December, 2013 11:17:07

thanks.....that's a good and great tutorial.

4 avicer
Thursday 28 November, 2013 17:07:59
how to dwnload dis tutorial video....
3 zafar Sahel
Tuesday 12 February, 2013 16:11:53
that is great really great thanks man
2 Eran Stern
Thursday 07 February, 2013 14:26:35

Thanks for the fixer, the date has been updated,

1 Typo
Thursday 07 February, 2013 13:50:11
February 2013 not 2012
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