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8 Eran Stern
Wednesday 19 June, 2013 09:14:30

I'm not sure if this is something related to the script, try to google search "how to loop a song"

7 Alain Van Haecke
Wednesday 19 June, 2013 07:40:43
how to loop the music (more than once) and be sure the next loops are precisely synchronized on a beat?
6 Eran Stern
Sunday 13 January, 2013 20:25:57

Hold down CTRL/CMD and select clips in the requested order, then use the Automate To Sequence command, over there choose under Ordering: 'Selection Order'

5 Abraham
Sunday 13 January, 2013 20:04:16

Hi Eran, great territorial and tool! Just one question, is it possible to make/choose the order of the clips? I mean to number them saying, this is clip 1, and then 2 after go 3 etc... because in most cases, you would like to control the order of lining those images on the time line, any idea? thanks 

4 Eran Stern
Tuesday 04 December, 2012 07:56:29

I'm afraid this cannot be achieved using Adobe After Effects and Avid Media Composer. These markers, as far as I know, can only be shared with Adobe software such as Premiere Pro.

3 hemzki
Monday 03 December, 2012 23:37:20
can it do the same to avid media composer
2 Peter Wiegersma
Tuesday 30 October, 2012 09:20:40
The same enthousiast feeling as John Wise. very Great, Super, a Time-Saver!
1 John Wise
Monday 29 October, 2012 16:44:00
Super, super, super.....Great tutorial with a great new tool. Thank you Eran and Mathias, what a wonderful gift you both have given us.
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