Shapes from Vectors

Latest tutorial: Shapes from Vectors

Make an instant Motion Graphics Promo using the new Create Shapes from Vector Layer in After Effects CS6

Duration: 12 Minutes
Viewed: 57724
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Sternfx Comments
14 not even good free
Monday 08 February, 2016 07:32:53
you have no pride in craftmanship. the fonts are too small and a blur. totally unprofessional in the extream buddy. do what ever it takes and find a remedy and quick fool
13 Zaheer Hamoudi
Wednesday 04 February, 2015 16:23:16
Not bad.
12 DOM
Monday 03 February, 2014 03:04:31
Is there a tutorial on the illustrator skull or same concept on how to make things like this in illustrator, to use these steps in After Effects
11 Bill
Tuesday 10 July, 2012 22:14:41
This is a cool tutorial. It gave me a good idea that I\'m trying right now. Rather than using a drawn illustration. In illustrator I\'ve performed a live trace on a photograph in order to get the individual paths to create the shape layers in AE.
10 Eran Stern
Thursday 28 June, 2012 15:18:43

Not really unless you want to do it manually. It probably will take forever and not yield the same results. CS6 is a solid upgrade - consider it.

9 itai
Thursday 28 June, 2012 14:10:15
i have cs4 and i dont have the option "create shape from vector layers" is there another way to do this?
8 Dave
Wednesday 13 June, 2012 21:08:06
Another GREAT tutorial! Thanks Eran. You're the best!
7 Claudio
Thursday 31 May, 2012 01:10:35
Found it, thank you Eran.
6 Eran Stern
Saturday 26 May, 2012 18:16:12

Nothing has been changed in the shape engine in Ae CS6. Make sure nothing is selected [press F2], then create your shape and use the top menu bar to control its properties

5 Claudio
Saturday 26 May, 2012 18:09:51

Thanks for your teaching. I have a question, I'm just trying AE CS6 but can't find the "Add" menu item (nor the "Fill", "Stroke" and "px" as well). Do I need to enable something somewhere

4 shayZee
Monday 07 May, 2012 17:07:20
very nice
3 Omar
Wednesday 25 April, 2012 10:33:36
Wooaaa.i started to love after effects! thanks to you Mr. Eran for the wonderful tutorials u had. looking forward to my sleepless night watching your tutorials =D
2 Eran Stern
Friday 20 April, 2012 23:41:30

Thanks Janet, I appreciate your nice words

1 Janet
Friday 20 April, 2012 07:05:42
Bloody genius. You're a master of the craft and your a genius because of your generous teaching method.
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