3D Environment

Latest tutorial: 3D Environment

Using the CC Environment effect and the new Environment Layer using After Effects CS6

Duration: 8 Minutes
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Sternfx Comments
12 here
Saturday 06 December, 2014 14:08:12
thanks a lot for this great tutorial !!
11 Dallas Video
Monday 07 April, 2014 18:13:16
Dude, you make this look so easy. Thanks for the tutorial. It must have taken some planning.
10 freebrushes
Wednesday 27 March, 2013 08:50:04
Great tutorial! Thank You!!
9 Uri
Monday 04 March, 2013 13:27:03
Hey Eran This is a great tutorial Can you please explein your method for creating the shadow catcher layers? Thanks
8 commercial photographer
Wednesday 05 September, 2012 02:28:09
This is a great tutorial. I\'m trying video for the first time.
7 William
Wednesday 29 August, 2012 21:42:23
Many thanks for the great tutorial. william
6 dave patterson
Sunday 15 July, 2012 00:16:05
Another great tutorial. Thanks Eran!
5 Steve
Wednesday 23 May, 2012 10:57:42
Eran, thank you for highlighting this effect. It is a wonderful new addition to AE.
4 Eran Stern
Tuesday 15 May, 2012 17:56:52

The Shadow Catcher is a unique new feature for CS6 and it does work beautifully (although you may need to tweak its size) with Ray-Traced 3D renderer

3 presotto
Tuesday 15 May, 2012 13:27:17
Hi! Thanks for the tutorial. But i do not understand how the shadow catcher works in environment layer because "multiply" do not works in ray trace 3d and the environment layer do not has the option to receive the cast shadows. Thanks
2 Pasākums
Sunday 22 April, 2012 22:33:26
Stern, thank you form sharing this After Effects CS6 tutorial.
1 Matt Weiss
Wednesday 18 April, 2012 11:53:26
Eran, shalom! Is there any pre-release version available so I can try out the new features in action?
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